Little Primas

Little Primas Pre School Program

Our Little Primas program is a piano focused group music class for pre school age kids 4-5 years old.

Our classes are a positive, creative and exploratory introduction to music, incorporating lots of fun music games, singing, movement, rhythm and listening activities and of course playing the piano. 

The classes will provide great preparation for more traditional piano lessons, but it is also beneficial for children who will go on to study other instruments.

A Positive Introduction To Music

Students will explore the foundations of rhythm, pitch, and musical patterns whilst also learning how to navigate around the piano keyboard, and create music through improvisations.

  • 30min weekly classes, 10 classes per term
  • Small groups, approx 3-5 students per class
  • $280 per 10 week term paid in advance, prorated for mid term enrolments. ($28 per class)
  • No home instrument is needed. This is a low to no practice program and it is not required to have an instrument at home.
  • Full program for level 1 is 40 weeks and students can either move on to level 2 or move into private or group piano lessons depending on age and readiness.

Timetable - Term 1 2024


10am - 10.30am


10am - 10.30am

All lessons taught by Geri Green at her home studio on Alto Avenue, Seaforth.

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