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Creative Piano Lessons that Cultivate Skills For Life

Giving you or your child the opportunity for music to become a life-long companion is the greatest gift you can give.

Music can not only be a source of joy and passion, but learning music also develops incredible cognitive, emotional, physical and organisational skills which have far-reaching benefits.

Our mission at Prima Piano is to cultivate these skills by nurturing...


Versatility in music is the secret to creating self-confidence and independence. At Prima Piano, musicality, knowledge, imagination, and performance skills are all developed within a framework of creativity and innovation. With more tools in the musical toolbox, you’ll have greater access to opportunities to explore music throughout your life.


With relaxation at the core, our world-class approach to piano technique gives you freedom from tension and frustration, freedom to express and create, and freedom to choose the pieces YOU want to play. A good technique promotes faster progress, effortless finger dexterity, a beautiful and controlled tone, and MOST importantly, happiness.


When your interests are nurtured and you’re supported with encouragement and respect you’re more likely to engage with your learning and be self-motivated. This is where progress accelerates! We provide a platform for exploration and creativity, by making learning easy and with a technique that helps you reach your goals.

Prima Piano is an exceptional piano school with a rare ability to develop all aspects of aspiring musicians whilst being highly engaging and enjoyable. Elizabeth and Geri Green are outstanding teachers whose life-long dedication to music and deep expertise enables them not only to teach at a very high level but also to tailor their teaching style and repertoire to best fit each student…

Yael Piano Parent

Convenient Piano Lessons In Sydney

Servicing the CBD, Lower Northern Beaches, or Online.

Come to our boutique piano studio located in the beautiful heritage listed Reid House on King Street in Sydney's CBD or our studio in Seaforth on the Northern Beaches.

For busy time poor family, we understand how hard it is to fit everything in. So we want to give you some of your time back and make travelling to piano lessons one less thing to worry about. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers can come to your home for lessons.

We also offer successful online piano lessons for students who need even more flexibility or who may not be able to attend in-person lessons.

About Us

Hi, we are mother and daughter duo Elizabeth Green and Geri Green.

We started teaching piano lessons in Sydney through the Prima Piano studio in 2017 after we saw a need to update the traditional methods of learning piano to make learning relevant for the modern student.

We strongly believe good quality high-level piano training is incredibly relevant from beginner all the way to advanced students, but we've added creative and innovative teaching strategies to make learning both engaging and of the highest quality.

Elizabeth Green - Head Teacher / Mentor

With extensive international training at The Juilliard School New York and the Royal College of Music London, and years of teaching, performing and examining experience, Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the team. She is the Technique Guru.

Geri Green - Teacher / Managing Director

With a background in composition, improvisation, storytelling with music, and technology, Geri brings the creativity, and a passion for making even the most complex or traditionally boring concepts in music engaging and accessible.

What Our Lessons Look Like

3 Core Learning Strategies Inside a Prima Piano Lesson.


Developing a technique that helps NOT hinders


Moving through lots of contrasting repertoire


Learning more than just notes and exploring a wide range of skills


Poor technique can lead to some serious problems. It can make you frustrated and slow down progress. It can create tension in your arms and body and even cause chronic pain over time. Our approach to technique is adapted from the Russian technique which is famous for producing some of the worlds greatest pianists. We’ve created our own exercises which can be tailored for any age or level and has been shown to promote relaxation of the forearm muscles, the careful strengthening of the finger muscles, and flexibility of the wrists


Moving through a lot of contrasting repertoire can greatly enhance your sight reading skills and improve your knowledge. We’re particularly focused on choosing the “right” pieces that suit both your interests and performance style. Furthermore, pieces need to be within the reach of your current playing abilities. A bad repertoire choice can lead to frustration, stress, boredom and tension, which are things we want to avoid at all costs!!!!

skills and knowledge

We want you to have the best opportunity to become a well-rounded musician, so we make sure to develop a broad range of skills. We strive to teach these skills often, and through a variety of engaging and creative methods.

  • Sight-reading
  • Memorisation
  • Aural and Active listening
  • Rhythm

  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Musical Storytelling
  • Interpretation
  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Expression

Also happening in lessons...

Exams/Performance Preparation

Your regular lessons will allow you to perform in a safe and low pressure environment. Which will enhance your performance skills in preparation for exams, eisteddfods, concert practice, school or other public performances.

You don’t have to do exams here, but if you do, we're experienced in achieving great results at all levels.

Practising Strategies

An important part of lessons will be to help you learn HOW to practice your pieces and technical work in between lessons. This is how we encourage self-directed learning and empower you to practice effectively.

Practising is a skill, like any other, that needs to be taught regularly.

Games and activities

Games can be a fun way to break up a lesson and reinforce musical knowledge in an engaging and memorable way. If you're having fun, you're interested, and progress will come fast!!

They also boost social interaction when used for multiple players, either in group workshops, or amongst siblings learning back to back.

Developing Self Esteem

Every student has a different mixture of abilities. In every lesson our job will be to seek out and acknowledge your unique abilities. Through consistent positive reinforcement you can begin to build self esteem and self confidence.

It’s vital to us that all students be treated with respect, and that criticism is always constructive.

Goal Setting

Some students have very clear goals, while others, not so much. Whatever the situation, whatever your goals, we’ll always collaborate with you to identify goals and tailor a program for your particular needs.

We’ll never insist on goals that suit us, because your needs and wishes will always come first.