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Online Accelerated Group Program 

Our accelerated program significantly helps student improve sight reading skills and develops strong learner independence making practice easier and progress faster. Our accelerated program is suitable for groups of up to 4 students online.  

  • Lessons are 60mins each
  • Great value!! Costs the same as 30min private lesson but double the learning time.
  • Perfect for adult beginner or intermediate students
  • Also suits child beginner and intermediate students 7 years+
  • Students work independently on their home instrument and at their own level, and pace.
  • Students receive a combination of individualised instruction and focused in-lesson practice time.
  • Lessons incorporate group music theory games or challenges, performance practice and composition.

Online Private Lessons

One on one lessons online in the comfort of your home with a Prima Piano teacher. Private online piano lessons are available for Kids or adults.

30min lessons are recommended for:

  • Kids under the age of 7
  • Preschool Age Kids
  • Child beginners up to Grade 1

45min lessons are recommended for:

  • Kids over the age of 7
  • Time poor Adult beginners
  • Students Grade 1 onwards

60min lessons are recommended for:

  • All Students Grade 3 onwards
  • Adult Beginners

What do I need for an online lesson?

Online lessons can be as successful as in person lessons. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to make them work successfully for students, adults and kids alike.

All you need is a tablet device or a laptop and a stable internet connection. No other tech is required but if you have the equipment, headphones and/or a microphone may further enhance the overall experience.

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