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Piano Lessons in the Northern Beaches at our Seaforth Studio

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Our Classes

Accelerated Group Program

Our accelerated program dramatically helps students progress in a social and fun environment and costs the same as a 30min private lesson. More time equals faster progress.

  • 60mins lessons in small groups of 3-4 kids.
  • Suits beginner and intermediate students 7 years+
  • Students work independently at their own keyboard and at their own level, and pace.
  • Students receive a combination of individualised instruction and focused in-lesson practice time.
  • Our program significantly helps improve sight reading skills and learner independence making at-home practice easier and more effective.
  • Lessons incorporate iPad integrations, group music theory games, performance practice, duets, improvisation and composition.

Partner lessons

Partner lessons are a great option for those wanting a more affordable option than private lessons. 

  • Partner lessons provide students with a fun social learning environment, which is great for beginner students.
  • All lessons include a combination of solo playing time at individual keyboards on headphones and group activities such as music games, duets and improvisation.
  • Suits any age but we will try to partner students of a similar age within a year or 2 if possible.
  • 30min partner lessons are recommended for students under 7 and in the 1st year of lessons.
  • 45mins recommended for students over 7 or from the 2nd year of lessons.

Little Primas Pre School Program

Our Little Primas program is a piano focused group music class for our littlest performers age 4-5. 

  • Students learn the foundations of rhythm, aural and pitch, how to navigate around the piano keyboard, and how to play simple songs and improvisations on the piano. 
  • Classes will consist of lots of fun music games, singing, movement, rhythm and listening activities and of course playing the piano.
  • This is a low to no practice program and it is not required to have an instrument at home.
  • The Little Primas full program runs for 40 weeks and at the end of the program students are well prepared to start either private or partner lessons.
  • 30min weekly classes
  • Approx 3-5 students per class

Private Lessons

One on one lessons in your home with a Prima Piano teacher.

30min lessons are recommended for:

  • Kids under the age of 7
  • Child beginners up to Grade 1
  • Time poor Adult beginners

45min lessons are recommended for:

  • Kids over the age of 7
  • Adult beginners
  • Students Grade 1 onwards

60min lessons are recommended for:

  • All Students Grade 3 onwards
  • Adult Beginners

Seaforth Studio on Sydney's Northern Beaches!

Private lessons and group classes take place at Geri Green’s home studio on Alto Avenue, Seaforth. Street parking is available on Alto Avenue and surrounding Streets.

In-home lessons from one of our Prima Piano Teachers.

For the convenience of lessons in your home with a Prima Piano teacher join the waitlist now. We may not be able to place you with a teacher right away but we’ll be in touch as soon as an opening becomes available. 

Seaforth Studio

Mondays: 12pm - 7pm

Wednesdays: 12pm - 7pm

Areas we service

Seaforth, North Balgowlah, Balgowlah, Manly Vale, Fairlight, Manly, Balgowlah Heights. 

If a surrounding area is not listed please ask, we may be able to travel to you.

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